Daily Market breakdowns, Fundamental news updates, live webinars and trading discussion group access

Congratulations for completing the beginners course now its time to take your trading to the next level and join our community.

We have an analysis group where all trades that we place are posted as well as an accompanying chart showing the reason and analysis for posting them. We then have a discussion group full of professional traders (investment bankers/hedge fund traders) that you can ask anything too and learn from our knowledge etc the conversations are great for trade ideas and learning from people with over 30 years trading experience. We can answer any questions you have and you can learn from professionals in a private group chat. 

We also hold daily webinars for our members that are summaries of the past week in the markets and include other important learning lessons such as risk management, overtrading and psychology. We also trade live for our members during key news events.

For access to our members trading community group please purchase via this link: https://educate2trade.com/p/premium-analysis-and-technical-charts/?

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